Ways To Reduce Carbon Footprints


In today’s world where there is so much of depletion of our natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable, so much pollution due to excess release of greenhouse gases which are produced directly or indirectly, it is high time we take a call on the situation.

The time has come to make conscious efforts to reduce our carbon footprints that we are leaving behind and do something to make our planet greener and save our resources from completely getting depleted and that too at the cost of playing havoc with our health and well-being.

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases that are produced to support human activities. It is calculated for a period of one year either for an individual or a company and is usually expressed as the weight of carbon -dioxide ( CO 2). Specific activity like taking a flight, driving to work, the energy production required to charge your electronic devices or heat up your home, the power consumed to produce and prepare the food you eat all account for your carbon footprints.

Each one of us is responsible towards this cause and towards reducing their individual carbon footprints.  Let’s all get together and fight against global warming and simple yet affordable lifestyles that can make a big difference in making the planet more sustainable and greener This is not something that is an impossible feat. With sensible energy reductions and using renewable sources of energy combined with cost -effective targets to get on with our daily activities, we can make a huge impact in reducing our carbon footprints.

One of the primary reasons for the increasing levels of greenhouse emissions is the increased energy consumption across the globe. Whether you are aware of it or not, every time you plug into a source of electricity you are having a direct impact on the environment.  Here are few ways in which you can conserve electricity and do your bit in making the planet greener place live in.

  • Use all sources of electricity wisely

When not in use unplug all electronic devices like phone chargers, laptop chargers, kitchen appliances, televisions and so on. Leaving the devices plugged in leads to consumption of energy called “electrical leakage”.

Carbon Footprint Fact- 5 % of the power used by a phone charger is used for charging your phone. 95% of the power is wasted when the charger is just left plugged in.

  • Use more batteries

Use of alternative sources of power like batteries to operate devices is recommended to conserve electricity. Batteries work on the principle of converting chemical energy to electrical energy and nowadays you can find many rechargeable batteries which not only save energy, they are made with eco-friendly materials and are cost-effective too. Check out a huge variety of batteries and battery charges that are available by visiting the our website to buy an extensive range of green products.  Switching over to using laptops is also preferred as compared to using desktops as they consume much lesser power.

Carbon Footprint Fact – leaving a computer on for the entire night for a whole year produces enough CO2 to fill two buses.

  • Use of solar panels

Solar panels use the sun’s energy to produce power. This is also called green energy. Installing solar panels in your homes and offices to generate green power is an excellent option towards reducing your carbon footprints. Heating and cooling using various appliances can easily done with the help of these solar panels. Water for bathing, powering lights and fans and even cooking can all be done with them. For those on the move, portable solar panels are also available which are as effective as the permanently installed ones.

Carbon Footprint Fact– Electric heaters produce twice as much greenhouse emissions than required.

  • Use the stairs

If you need to go only a few floors up instead of taking the lift you could go by the stairs. And if you are really determined to reduce your carbon footprint if you have to go up higher you could go half way by the lift and the other half by the stairs.

Carbon Footprint Fact- A 15 sec ride in the lift consumes enough energy to light up a 60W bulb for an hour.

These are just a few of the things you can do, there are much more ways to live green. Aim to promote green energy and you are on your way to enjoying life in zero -carbon world.